Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sad day

This is what Logan did after about an hour on opening day. His eardrum had ruptured on Thursday evening and he can't swim until this after we go to the doctor this Thursday. He said he would play in the little pool with the girls, but he got bored and at this point he was crying. I did tell the other 4 that we would not be going back to the pool until Logan could participate. It was so sad. I had much mommy guilt over this one. Please pray that we get a good report on Thursday from Dr Walker(whom we love!) I am ready to hit the pool hard and heavy!!!
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Jkhb said...

it's kind of too cold for the pool anyway maybe that kept you all busy. You could go to the pool if he had something fun different to do like a playing with a friend. Hope the doctor gives you good news for his appointment on Thurs.