Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sitting in the kitchen, doing my Bible study on Esther this morning. Gabi comes in with her sniffles, asking me to make her some Maltomeal, so I get up and am making it. She sits down at my Bible and starts talking about Moses and the commandments and well, the whole years worth of BSF. I just acted like I didn't hear her. Then, she picks up the Bible and says, "This is God's True Word children, right here is our verse for today in yellow, when I come to you, you can run your hand over the verse out of the Bible." and proceeds to walk about the kitchen to the 'children' in the chairs and even encourages them to touch. It was the sweetest moment.

I am so thankful for BSF and that God has allowed all of my children to be involved. What a blessing each of the children's leaders has been to us. Thank you to anyone, anywhere who is involved in BSF. The seeds being planted are too numerous to count. May God be glorified in your work.

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