Monday, November 1, 2010

November-I wasn't ready for you,

But, here you are.
I welcomed you in by staying in and doing household stuff.
hot tea,
soup and watching a movie!

I love this time of year for yummy breads and soups.
Do you have a recipe you should share with me?

Halloween was a blast!
Well, the whole weekend was.
Sat we had Nutcracker practice. Then we raked and picked up sticks in a friends yard. Then we set fire to those sticks and leaves and roasted marshmallows and watched our kiddos delirious with happiness. Then church(Dawson had a bonfire for youth group)and then fellowship. Sunday we vegged-as in slept in! Then I baked cupcakes, dressed girls and did hair and we headed out for our trunk or treat before the trick or treating! It was so fun. We had a great time handing out candy at the church, then headed out to a friends neighborhood and did a bit of door to door for good ole fashion trick or treating. Kids had a blast. Then we went back to our friends house where our LifeGroup ate and hung out! It was so nice. we were home at a decent hour and all kids in bed!

I have pictures to post, but for now, I better get dinner finished!

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