Thursday, January 5, 2012

project 366

so today I get to spend a little extra time with Dawson ...since he is 13, those moments are extra special, even if he is just sitting on a Dr's exam table! We are sitting here, praying he dies NOT have chicken pox. Night before last, after hus shower, a few bumps showed up on his belly. Last night when he got out, hus ENTIRE belly and part of his back were covered ...I gave him some benydrl -how do you spell that??? -and that has helped the itching, but the bumps have spread to his arms and face and back and even his legs...ugh!!! so, here we sit, quarantined to a room - a pink room!! lol!!! waiting our turn, playing on our respective phones ..after I tried talking dice Mom, I AM TRYING TO PLAY THIS GAME AND WOULD YOU PLEASE SILENCE YOUR PHONE IN THE OFFICE!!! Sigh, at least he has phone etiquette, right?

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e said...

I think I just read on FB it's eczema... whew :) jared and jack have that. itchy but better than the pox
I am always happy for 1 on 1 time with my boys tooooo... xoxo
ps. comments work :) haha