Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimmimg today

was really nice and made me feel guilty all at the same time.
Let me explain.
Missy and I wanted to go and not be in the baby pool and just have some time to chat.
T came over to watch the 2 little girls and they were so excited because she was going to paint thier nails.
We went and it was a bit cool out and we sat and both of us, as we sat felt so guilty it was almost impossible to enjoy ourselves. We did in the end have a good time and the big kids loved that we sat near the diving board and they were able to show us dives(or what they called dives).LOL
We came home and the girls had a good time, so in the end all was well. It made me think that I like having all my kids with me. I know there are times I complain, but I do love all them with my heart and when they are all around me I am at my happiest(ok, most of the know what I mean if you are a mom).
I need to download a ton of pictures, so I better scoot off here for now....
Have a great night.

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